Once upon a time

Once upon a time


And a Sunday 28 2015 it was so very warm day that I loved very much. spent most of my time inside mostly working, spending time with Cheryl my girlfriend working on the business having computer issues currently got those accomplished and trying to get some production out getting my a videos created for the kids to do the training.

contacted by bob this morning he needed some videos created for our EMS website so I got those cranked out and done for him and my computers been acting up so I had to take antivirus Norton’s all off. then we went with Viper seems to be working fine not getting any errors or processing problems and or slowdowns, websites are functioning better browsing is working better so I think it’s going to be a good fit and won’t have to be fighting with all the other problems I was with Norton’s antivirus been looking into getting the carpets done talking with some different companies to see if someone can do our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning for the house would like find a good company of the Louisville area him and did find one on the net Google search of Louisville carpet cleaner not been in business for very long time but seem like they would be a good fit to try out and see how that is worth carpet cleaning.


We first moved in on those carpets of been kind of vacuum in the somewhat clean but we did find some stains some in the living area some in the bedroom stair seem to be in pretty good shape of your bedrooms probably need to be done eventually will get a chance will get a shampoo or hire it done.

looking forward to the future

Looking forward to the future

What plans do you have for the future and how will they play out, will you set a goal and stick to it and make it happen, I have been working very hard lately to change my future and my family with the work that I do and will do is going to make a future for me and my kids, they have allot of time will be invested in this venture but it is work every minute, what we decide to do with our time can play a Major in our success and how it come to be.


I have never been afraid to be hard working and to provide for my family. I may not be the best with spelling and or grammar but I will be the best at the other talents I have and will always be hard working, I don’t like to waste time so I try to find and easier way to do things. So when some problem comes my way I start to think out of the box and what can we do to resolve this issue, well it is not as hard as you may think, but it takes practice to get this figured out, every position I have been in has required problem solving so why not get good at it. If you have a stain in your carpet get a carpet cleaner to help you to get the stain out.