Dinner with mom for her birthday

Today is my mother’s birthday


So as in every year we usually take mom to the Golden corral she loves to eat at this restaurant because they have a buffet style meal and they do have delicious food, the servers and waitresses are very helpful and polite to make sure your drinks are full and if you need anything at all tell them.

We have been doing this for several years now and she really enjoys the atmosphere in the Corral itself as usual the place is very busy several people coming in and enjoying the meal. There were an elderly couple very cute old lady and her husband eating there as well all the food was very good.


The food that I got was the broccoli with cheese and some cauliflower cooked and some ribs barbecued had some baked fish that was quite delicious and I’ve yet to go there and get a bad meal at Golden corral has very delicious food that they serve. And I highly recommend them to anybody that likes to eat buffet style. The kids that were there seem to be having fun too. They have lots of desserts and things the children would like to drink and eat. They have a large chocolate fountain you can stick strawberries in and Marsh Mallow in and get chocolate on it, if you need some more they will help with that use ours snacks but a lot of people seem to be using it getting the chocolate on their strawberries and marsh mallows unfortunately I’ve seen children stick their fingers into it and get them some chocolate on their fingers so I’m not the one to be eating after people and sticking their fingers in the chocolate. And anyways the overall a good meal mom had a good time in her shell I’ll departed and drove home for a relaxing night watching TV.

Welcome to my Blog site

welcome and greetings

I will be learning to blog with this site and how to work in word press, I think over time it will get easier and easier to blog and write in this type of site, the harded part of blogging is to come up with content to write about, there are food blogging and writing about things that people love to eat. I think that is one subject that most people will have allot of ideas when it comes to writing about food.

and speaking of food we were traveling to a city to get something to eat and we seen a truck stuck and having to get towed and the truck was from bloomington and it was a wrecker service