looking forward to the fourth

what will you be doing on the fourth

just like most people we will celabrate the great day of our independance with fireworks and partying, i would like to have a big barbeque her at the house and invite the kids over for some good food and some good times. I love my children so very much and want to show them a great time and start having them over more ans more. so we all as a family can bond. the kids need to be with their parents even though they are older now, and I want to have the grandchildren over more so they get to know us better, I’ll get some smoke bombs and firecrackers and bottle rockets for them all to light and shoot. doing this is going to be allot of fun, the grandchildren will love the 4th and we all get to be together as well. wow will this be cool. Do you got some big plans with the family or not??? dont wait till its too late to spend that quality time with the kids.